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3 signs you may need a second medical opinion

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

If you do not enjoy going to the doctor, you are far from alone. After all, many Americans have anxiety about both medical appointments and medical procedures. A small percentage even have a clinical phobia of medical professionals. 

You do not have to love doctors to receive adequate care. Still, if you are unhappy with your doctor or are not receiving the care you deserve, it may be time to switch physicians. Here are three tell-tale signs you may need a second medical opinion. 

1. Your doctor does not listen to your concerns 

Whether you are feeling well or under the weather, your physician should be an advocate for your overall health. To do so effectively, he or she should listen to your questions and address your concerns. If you regularly leave appointments feeling confused or unsatisfied, your doctor may not be a good fit. 

2. Your doctor seems too busy 

To make money, many doctors must see as many patients as possible. Still, if your physician rushes you through appointments, he or she may not be providing the level of care you deserve. The same may be true if your doctor regularly arrives late to your medical appointments. 

Similarly, a physician who schedules appointments months in advance may be too busy to meet your health care needs. 

3. You do not feel better 

Few things in life are worse than not feeling well. While modern medicine certainly has its limitations, your doctor should use all available means to diagnose and treat your illness. These may include referring you to a specialist or admitting you to a hospital. 

Put simply, if you do not feel better or your symptoms worsen, you should probably seek a second medical opinion.