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Officials offering tips to improve safety for motorcyclists in Nevada

Officials hope to cut down the number of motorcycle fatalities in Nevada in 2015.

Motorcyclists in Las Vegas are able to go for a ride nearly every day of the year. With so many opportunities to ride, it is not uncommon for some of these individuals to end up being involved in serious accidents. In 2014, the number of motorcyclists killed in Nevada crashes had a slight increase over 2013 numbers, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol, and numbers remain concerning. Officials have recommended some tips for both drivers and motorcyclists to help reduce these accidents from happening.

Motorcyclists are encouraged to wear bright clothing when they are out riding. Many accidents occur simply because drivers of passenger vehicles do not see the motorcyclists nearby or in blind spots. These drivers make abrupt moves into the motorcyclist’s lane, and often, the rider is unable to react without losing control of the bike.

Intersections are a particularly dangerous place for motorcyclists, as many drivers often fail to yield the right of way to those on the bike. Drivers may not know the rules of the road or could be unaware that a motorcyclist is approaching. If they turn or fail to stop, they could collide with the motorcycle at a high rate of speed.

The riders will have no way to absorb this impact, and they will often be thrown from their motorcycles. Even with protective clothing, the injuries in these situations will prove to be quite extensive. At some intersections in Las Vegas, new signs have been posted in an effort to increase driver awareness of motorcycles in these high-traffic areas.

Officials also wish to emphasize that motorists need to pay better attention when they are behind the wheel. So many accidents are caused by driver distraction, such as using a cellphone or texting while driving. If the motorist becomes distracted, they often drift out of a lane or fail to stop at a stop sign. If they make an unexpected move, it causes other vehicles to attempt to react accordingly. If the motorcyclist does not have enough time to make an adjustment, it could lead to a serious crash.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to immediately begin investigating the accident, and prepare your claims for compensation against the other parties responsible for your injuries.

You may start to receive offers from insurance companies soon after the crash. They will often try to get you to settle your claims quickly, for as little money as possible. They are looking out for their bottom line, and they are not concerned with your recovery.

Your attorney will be able to negotiate with these companies to help you receive the compensation you deserve. This ensures that your medical expenses – including any costs associated with long-term care – will be covered by the settlement. If this is not possible, your lawyer will be able to represent your interests at trial.

No attorney fee unless you make a financial recovery.

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